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From Justice's Mom:

Justice IS Blind
     The most remarkable thing about Justice is that unless you are in the know, you don't notice he's got no eyes.  That's because Justice does everything the other sighted cats do.  He runs, jumps, climbs things, plays, tears through the house chasing toy mice, paper balls, the other cats, etc.  Justice is a snuggler, loves being scritched, rubbed and of course he naps...and then naps some more.
     I was looking for a companion kitty for my single older female companion.  The problem was that Tutti pretty much feared every other living thing with fur that she'd ever encountered, and expressed her fear aggressively.  She was clearly lonely while I was away at work, but I needed the most non-threatening kitty companion I could find.  While I discussed this very issue with my vet, the vet eyed me and my challenging "I hate everything and everyone but you ma" cat and said  "Come back in after you've got her settled into her carrier, You should meet the blind kitten we have who needs adoption."
    Well, I am a sure sucker for cuteness, so when the vet brought out the handful of stripey & spotty youngster whose head seemed huge in comparison to the rest of him.  I steeled myself against him.  Until he turned his face and all I could see was the shaved fur and these giant stitches where his eyes should have been.  Oh, no! the poor thing was eyeless.  I reached out to hold him and, purring, the first thing he did was snuggle into my neck and lick my chin.  It didn't really matter after that, what the vet was saying about how he'd come to lose his eyes.  I knew he was coming home to live with me and with Tutti.  Justice was from the very start outgoing, friendly, and insatiably curious.  And no matter what kind of cold shoulder attitude Tutti put out, Justice simply ignored it.  He maintained a consistently friendly demeanor to absolutely every one, other cats who came to visit, my mom's dogs.  He was pretty much unfailingly both laid back and playful.
   Tutti actually went so far as to tolerate FrankenKitty who I renamed "Justice"  because I couldn't resist the pun.  They lived peaceably together until Tutti developed kidney disease and passed away not long after Justice reached full adulthood.    Now Justice lives with me, my mom,  my mom's dog Joy and two other cats;  Smokey Gavin & Gracie.  He is still laid back, still playful, and is almost always the instigator of  the twice or three times daily bout of galloping-herd-of-elephants cat races throughout the house. These races usually end up with at least one dining room chair on the floor, all of the dining table placemats out of whack, and one of the sighted cats unsuccessfully attempting to hide from Justice who not at all winded still wants to play. We're pretty sure that Justice has no clue he's any different than the other critters.  He's up on the bathroom counter, the top of the 6ft tall cat tree, the backs of the dining room chairs, pretty much everywhere except the top of the fridge and our higher than usual kitchen counter.  And like the sighted cats he simply leaps down to the floor from whichever height he's achieved.  Completely ordinary behavior for any feline companion. 
   Just last week though he did something really great when he was the only one of the three cats who managed to catch the real live mouse all of them had been intently hunting.  Eyes, schmeyes, who needs em.  Justice sure doesn't.

Justice's Story- Bilateral Enucleation

Justice came to NCAHC as a small kitten. He was found near a Good Samaritan's home, and lacking of any options, she brought him to the hospital. He had severe infections in both of his eyes, causing the eyeballs to deteriorate with pus, and become unsalvagable. But Justice never seemed to notice that he had a problem, winning over the staff and earning himself a life saving surgery, removal of both eyes. Unsure of how this kitten would do with such an extreme surgery, Justice was given a guarded prognosis, but again, he didn't know that he had a problem!! Justice recovered from surgery with flying colors and was able to find a "forever home" where he has florished. If you would like more information about blind cats and their abilities, please visit: and read Justice's mom's story--