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                                       Helping The Thompson Park Zoo Animals

Welcome Back Otis and Ricky!

The boys have returned to the zoo! Soon enough they will be back on exhibit for everyone to see. Thanks to all the hard work by everyone involved! 

Photo credit: NYS Zoo at Thompson Park

We are proud to be the veterinary staff for the NYS Zoo at Thompson Park. Please visit their website for upcoming events!

Ninja's Big Day!

Before being released into his new enclosure,Ninja needed to be neutered, so The NYS zoo brought him to us, where Dr.Plante, Dr. Risser, and our technical staff sedated, neutered andrecovered the 62 lb "kitten". As an added bonus, the JCC AnimalManagement class was able to watch the procedure! Ninja is now onexhibit at The NYS Zoo at Thompson Park.

Picture 1: Martha intubating Ninja after sedation.

Picture 2: Placing the intravenous catheter.

Picture 3: Dr. Risser making sure that Ninja is stable before proceeding with the surgery.

Picture 4: Dr. Risser and Martha working on Ninja.