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A very necessary item for your canine friends is walking, it not only is good for bathroom purposes, but it also helps relieve built up energy which can result in disobedience. In boarding, canines have lots of built up energy, due to being in confinement for so long. When you decide to board your canine friend, help them be comfortable by allowing them more time to get rid of all that energy, providing them with walking times is the first step.


*Walks are available seperately, and also are provided in our packages for canines*

5 minutes additional playtime $3.00

Extra Walks are $2.00 each.

Raised Cots

Raised Cots are a great addition to your pets stay, especially if they are old with arthritis. Cots are made of durable plastic piping which then have fabric streched across which allows for some contouring of the body. It reduces awful pressure induced wounds which can occur from sleeping on hard ground, this is especially common for large breed animals like great danes.

*Raised Cots are now offered to all canine boarders*

We have several boarding plans for our canine guests to choose from starting at $19.00 per night/ $9.50 for day boarding or pickups after 4p. Please call with any questions.

Basic Package: Includes a cot, food, water and 2 walks at 7am and 6pm

Bronze Package: $23.00/night: 3 walks a day, with 5 extra minutes of play time

Silver Package: $27.00/night: 4 walks a day, with an extra 10 minutes of play time

Gold Package: $31.00/night: 5 walks a day, with an extra 15 minutes of play time, Play and Stay Journal

Platinum Package: $34.00/night: 5 walks a day, 15 minutes of play time, and a daily tooth brushing, Play and Stay Journal

- Plus a discounted rate of $34.00 for a dismissal bath (normal cost is $42.50- including ear cleaning and nail trim)


**Stay And Play Journal is a "report card" about your pet's visit, indicating what food (s)he ate, toys (s)he was offered, bedding, grooming, medications given, and an overall summary of how they did while here. For more information, please call**

We have added more condo cages for increased comfort for our feline guests. They are available with and without a window view.

Basic Package: $12.50/night or $6.25 for day boarding or pickups after 4pm- includes food, water, clean litter box and blanket. 

Bronze Package: $15.00/night: includes a cat bed and 5 minutes play time

Silver Package: $17.50/night: Includes a cat bed and 10 minutes play time

Gold Package: $20.00/night: Includes a cat bed and 15 minutes play time

Platinum Package: $22.50/night: Includes a cat bed, 15 minutes play time and a daily tooth brushing

Additional playtimes will be $3.00 extra per 5 minute session per day.

If your pet requires medications, there will be a $2.20 charge for each time the medication is administered.

Exotic Boarding per night $11.50

Avian Boarding per night $13.50

Bath: includes nail trim, shampoo, and ear cleaning