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Orthopedic Disease

Pigeon's Story - Amputation

Pigeon came through our clinic from the local shelter, after she, along with her brother and mother were picked up by the dog warden. She had an older open wound and was unable to use her hind leg. The joints were fusing and the leg was unsalvagable. Because of the severity of her injuries, the shelter was unable to care for her, and faced with a tough decision, they contacted a Good Samaritan, who adopted Pigeon and brought her back to NCAHC for amputation of the useless leg. It became evident after a short time with her foster mom that the affected limb did nothing but hold the young puppy back, causing her to be less willing to play with her foster brothers and sisters. X-rays showed that she had a dislocated hip and a shattered hock (ankle). Amputation was the best choice for Pidge.

The doctors are NCAHC performed the surgery and after a short recovery time, Pigeon was up and running, no longer afraid of stairs or small spaces. She found a "forever home" with several other dogs that keep her moving and her family reports that she is the instigator of most races, beating out 2 labs and a pitbull!

Pigeon shares her story to show how amazing a 3 legged dog can adjust and survive to live a normal and happy life! For more information on 3-legged dogs and diseases that can lead an owner to this decision, please go to