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Owners helping owners, pets helping pets

This is a page that is dedicated to the owner who is faced with a difficult decision, unsure if their pet can maintain a quality of life that they are comfortable with. Whether it be to amputate a limb, treat a cancer, or even give that hopeless case a bit of hope, these patients are here to tell their tale, and hopefully be examples for owners who are afraid or concerned about their pets quality of life. Animals with disabilities are happy, healthy and are just as cuddly as their complete counterparts! These pets were offered a second chance and are here to tell their story!

In our experience, there is nothing better for an owner than seeing what their pet can possibly survive or overcome. Please take a minute to learn about our patients and their amazing acheivements!

If you have a pet who has overcome an adversity and you would like to include him or her in this resource to help educate owners faced with the same choice you were faced with, please send us your pet's story and pictures either by mail or email -