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Pet Adoption Site
The temporary home of 270,603 adoptable pets from 12,399 adoption groups


 American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Find out how you can prevent animal cruelty, poison control tips and other helpful information.  

Bone Cancer Dogs
Fighting Cancer in Dogs
Support, comfort, guidance, learning, encouragement and hope for dogs fighting cancer

Pet Place
Quality, Trust, Ethics, Education
General Information about all species including birds, small mammals and reptiles, as well as dogs and cats.

Puppy Travel
Pet Transport Arrangements
General Information about pet transport arrangments, immigration requirements and international animal import permits.

Veterinary Partners
Dogs, Cats, Reptiles, Small Mammals 
More information for the general care of your pets.

The Feline Kidney
Feline CRF Information Center 
Website dedicated to the education of owners dealing with Chronic Renal Failure in cats.

Pet Dental Health
Pets Need Dental Care, Too
Get the latest tips and information on how to keep your pet's teeth beautiful and clean.

Hill's Pet Food and Prescription Diets
The Global Leader In Pet Nutrition
Find out about your pet's favorite food.

Herp and Green Iguana Information Collection
Melissa Kaplan's Herp Care Collection
Information for reptile caregivers.

Operation Noble Foster
Help our military heave their pets to come home to
Find a foster home for your pet if you're military and have to deploy or find out how to become a foster parent yourself.

The Kong Company
Tips and recipes for the famous dog companion.

Pet First
Pet Insurance for your pet
Pet First Healthcare Pet insurance helps offsetveterinary costs while ensuring your pets can get the best careavailable - no matter the expense. PetFirst's pet insurance is simpleand easy to use providing comprehensive healthcare allowing you to useyour heart, and not your wallet, when making important healthcaredecisions for your pets.

Saying Goodbye
Children and Coping

A great article for families and their children on how to handle "goodbyes"
Kelco Supply Company
This website has several special products for you to browse through to find the best way to remember your pet.

Net Pets
Helping You and Your Pets
Information on the multitude of unwanted, homeless pets around the world and how this issue can be addressed.

Totally Ferret
Ferret Food, Treats and Information
As the world leader in ferret nutrition, we invite you to participate inthe ommunity of concerned ferret owners who want the best for theirpets.

This website is dedicated to all thosediagnosed and lost to cancer.

Canine CancerAwareness

We Are Here ToHelp

Helping Homeless Basset Hounds Find ForeverLoving Homes


"All BassetsCherished"  Basset Hound Rescue, Inc.

CDC focuses on a set of healthprotection goals to become a more performance-based agency focusingon healthy people, preparedness, and healthyplaces.


Centers for Disease Controland Prevention

Get general information about the most commoninternal and external parasites of dogs and cats.  Alsocontains facts about parasite effects on humans.


Companion AnimalParasite Council

New vaccine guidelines as established by theAmerican Animal Hospital Association.

AAHA VaccineGuidelines

American AnimalHospital Association

Helpful information for avian care.

Bird Doctor HouseCalls

Bird HealthInformation

Adopt from the Jefferson County DogShelter

Jefferson County DogShelter

Pet FinderSite

Products for incontinent pets. Products to make life a littleeasier.

Handicapped Pets

Links to help plan your vacations and yourpets.


Cat and Dog food Recall from Menu Foods, Link to all productsaffected.

NYS Zoo at Thompson Park
New York State Zoo at Thompson Park

The AVMA website is the place where veterinary professionals, pets ownersand animal lovers go to find comprehensive information on pet care.

Ready Pets
US Government's Ready Pet's
Brochure related to Government support for disasters.

Pet Proofing Your Home
Home Advisor's Guide to introducing pets into a home